Merino Wool Zip Jersey

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This shirt boasts a super fine merino wool blend, giving you all the benefits of merino, (warm, soft, flexible, and oder-resistant) plus added durability, keeping you out there for longer.

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Having warm hands starts with keeping your body core warm.

Vallerret brings you the best in quality, comfort, warmth and style so you can continue to capture your images all winter long.

This Jersey is made of super fine 100% merino wool.

At 240gsm we have created a super warm, extra soft, flexible, and oder-resistant garment, keeping you out there shooting for longer.

Midnight black: The ¼ Zipper Jersey comes in Midnight Black. A true photographers uniform, stay camouflaged and colour cast free.

Designed for: All Seasons

Tech Specs
  • Super Soft & Non Itchy: This Vallerret Jersey uses a super fine 100% merino wool, so unlike traditional wool, this shirt feels great against your skin and won’t itch.
  • Vallerret 1/4 Recycled Zipper: Zip up to your neck or play it cool and leave the zip down.
  • Battery Pockets: Keep your batteries close to your body heat so they don’t die in the winter cold.
  • Microfibre Cloth: Hidden on the inside of the shirt, you can keep your glass spot free.
  • Anti-bacterial/Odor Resistant: Stay fresh and smelling good.
  • Thermo-Regulating: Keep warm when it’s cold, and cool down when it’s hot.
  • Moisture Wicking: This shirt will wick moisture away as you chase the light, hike that peak or start to bead as the adrenaline kicks in.
  • Fast Drying and Breathable: Stay comfortable all day long.
  • 4-Way Stretch: Fabric that stretches with you.
  • Care


    Merino can go a long time without washing. Thanks to the antimicrobial properties of merino, you just need to hang your polo overnight to air, and it’s good to wear again the next day. It is good to occasionally wash your shirt. Use a wool or gentle washing powder, set your machine on wool/delicate cycle and use a cold temperature. Spin dry on low.

    Sendes fra Voss (Vestlandet) innen 24 timer. Levering 1-5 hverdager.

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    Merino wool has been a staple for many brands producing performance wear for athletes in the mountains for many years. With all the great properties of merino wool it's time to take it to the photographers journey, because let's be honest, as outdoor photographers we are finely tuned athletes and we have been missing out.

    Gloves for Every Winter Condition

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 6 reviews
    Jimmy H.
    Super comfy

    Big fan of this jersey. Soft, comfortable and warm. It’s quite a long and slim silhouette which I like. Recommended!

    Hi Jimmy,
    Thanks for your feedback on our new apparel! Stay warm this winter :)

    Lee Gale
    Very impressed!

    So far, I've only taken it out once, but it was a nice cold morning to try it. The merino wool fabric is fantastic! Very light and feels great on. I only had a soft-shell jacket over it, but this was more than enough to keep me warm. Very impressed so far!

    Hi Lee,
    Thanks for the feedback! The Jersey looks super cool!
    We hope you keep using it this winter season and beyond.
    Happy winter shooting :)

    Michal Stehlik
    Merino Wool Zip Jersey

    Fantastic fiber and super comfy cut!

    Hi Michal,
    We're happy to hear you're enjoying the Zip Jersey!
    Happy winter shooting :)

    First time with merino Wool

    It’s the first time I’ve ever worn a merino wool sweatshirt and I have to say it’s phenomenal: light, warm and comfortable. You do not need to have a thousand layers of clothing with this sweatshirt,... just a shirt, the sweatshirt and possibly a jacket for when it is colder.
    I found myself so well that soon I will also take the Merino Wool Long Sleeve Tee.

    Hi Antonio,
    We're glad to hear you like the Zip Jersey!
    The Long Sleeve Tee will be a great addition to your winter wardrobe. We hope our winter apparel will keep you warm for seasons to come. Happy winter shooting!

    william mcgillivray
    Base Layer for winter

    I photograph football and with he weather starting to get a bit chilly my base layer recently purchased Merino Wool Zip Jersey is put on right away and I am not disappointed so comfortable and warm this is the best purchase I have made
    In a long time

    Hi William,
    We're so happy to hear you're enjoying using the Zip Jersey! We hope it keeps you warm for winters to come and will be a staple for your winter photography :) Thanks for the feedback. Happy winter shooting!