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Great productS

Vallerret Photography Gloves are a grat addition to my photography kit. They a lovely and warm but provide quick access to the controls of my camera.
The Vallerret Stash Beanie is a neat fit but it keeps my head warm kn cold conditions

Good quality cloths and well priced

It’s a good idea to replace your cleaning cloths from time to time, and this is a high quality set of microfiber cloths at a good price

Great Gloves, Great Customer Service

I liked the website and the details to help me select the model I wanted. I ordered size Large, but found them too tight. Customer Service immediately offered to return and ship XL for no charge, and I received the replacements in less than a week. I wish all suppliers were so good!

Markhof Pro V3 Photography gloves

Very happy with the gloves .. .excellent


Literally the perfect photography glove ! Would recommend 100% !

Markhof Pro V3 Photography Glove

Top tier photography gloves!

Premium quality gloves. Materials, stitching, fit and comfort are the streght points. Size is perfect, trust the size chart. Not yet tested in a super cold day but I feel they will do the trick! Just one thing, you guys need to improve shipping method. Will reccomend 100%

Excellent design

These gloves are warm and comfortable without being bulky. It’s easy to manage the camera controls in cold weather without freezing your fingers.

Competition win

Superb service by Vallerret, and the gloves are fantastic I would highly recommend them.

Brilliant Photography Gloves!

These are the best all-around photography gloves I’ve used. They’re very versatile and they use excellent materials that don’t make them feel big and bulky when wearing. Highly recommended!


These gloves were perfect for my trip to Lapland. Kept my hands warm, while still allowing me to use my phone (my only camera) and only subjecting the tips of two fingers to be exposed to the cold while shooting. Definitely recommend for anyone with slender hands.

Gloves and hat

Placed my order for a pair of Markhof Pro V3 Photography Gloves and a hat. They duly arrived well within my expected time scale and am absolutely delighted with them and the service of Valleret


I didn't have enough frozen to give a feedback, wate next winter.

Liners weak seam

Love the liners but seam came a part along index finger and thumb in two places in less than a couple of weeks.

Vallerret Stash Beanie
Andrew Tucker
Great gloves, big enough for large hands

I should have bought a pair of these ages ago, warm, comfortable and easy control of my camera functions

Skadi Zipper Mitt PSP
Doug Talbott
Toasty Fingers

We’ve had an unusually cold winter here in Fayetteville, AR, with several days of single digit wind chill. My hands were never cold due to the wonderful design and construction of the Skadi Zipper Mitt PSP gloves. Buy these! You won’t regret it!

Good, warm and comfortable gloves

The gloves are warm and well fitting for me. All fingers are well fitted, no excess tissue at the fingertips or anything. But I guess that depends on the shape of your hands. My partner had issues because her middle finger is a bit longer than average I guess, so she had some excess at every other fingertip, which was not practical.
The only reason I do not give 5 stars to these gloves is the fact that the magnets could be stronge, and the thumb is a bit short for me. I frequently have this issue with gloves though, where the cutout between the index and thumb is not deep enough, so I have trouble extending my thumb fully. But that is not an issue at all for photography for me, as my thumb is never fully extended anyway. Again, this is not a defect, it just depends on the shape of your hand.
The magnets for the index fingers could be a bit stronger as well. The thumbs hold ok, but I have to intently and carefully fold the index fingertips if I want the magnets to keep them in place. The openings for the indexes are a bit tight, but that is the nature of this design. Having them looser would mean having a looser fitting glove, which would not be good in my opinion.


Good value and warm

Markhof Pro V3 Gloves

As I suffer from 'white fingers', these gloves have enabled me to continue my photography in cold weather.

Markhof Pro V3 Photography Glove

W's Nordic Photography Glove
Michèle Bollhalder
The gloves fit great but...

The gloves fit great but the holes were too small and the magnets never hold. So I had to make a small cut on each of the holes. Sadly I kind of ruined them but at least the magnets hold.

What a glove! Perfect mix of functionality and comfort.

I was used to the old Markhof model they were real good but boy oh boy, what an upgrade that new pair is. So warm and with the overlapping flip fingers perfect to work some Splitboard setup or other tougher things than simply changing a lens. And with the brown leather they look cool too. Thanks Vallerret Team!!!

Love it!

Honestly, I wouldn't have lasted more than 10 minutes on the summit at sunrise without these gloves. I was actually able to keep my hands warm enough to create photos! A++ from me!

Markhof Pro V3 Photography Glove
Giovanni Mattiello
Top Quality!

Tha gloves are warm and comfortable! Good materials, the quality is really nice!

Urbex Photography Glove
Karl Szoldatits
good looking Photography Glove

looks good and is quite functional ... overall a good buy, however a bit expensive ... and freight on top