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Bloody Coronavirus

I was really excited for these gloves. However, due to travel restrictions I’ll never get to pick them up from the place they were send. Sad.

Primaloft/Merino Liner with touch Photography Glove

Great gloves

I thought these gloves were wonderful but you might need to consider a slim fit if you have narrower hands.

No Frostbite!

Just returned from a trip round Iceland where we had wind, snow and sub zero temperatures every day, so the gloves got a full road test. I have a woman's small-ish hand and found the 'S' size fitted perfectly. The mitten/glove combination worked well generally although teeth were needed to help zip/unzip! Slight issue with the thumb 'flip' not staying back... think the magnet needs to be stronger. The side of the mitten clipped back easily onto the press stud. I was pleased at how they kept my hands warm. The inner gloves alone would not have been sufficient and after a while of using the camera, even the finger and thumb got cold. The 'touch screen' finger and thumb tips worked ok but I personally do not need to use that facility too much. It was very useful having the mittens on elasticated wristbands and the palm grip on them was very good. For overall warmth and practicality, these are the best gloves I have ever worn, even without using a camera, and I really recommend them for seriously cold environments. You get what you pay for.

Thanks for taking the time to review our gloves Sandra - much appreciated! Totally thrilled to hear the gloves kept your hands toasty warm while taking these perfect Icelandic winter shots :D Tak!
Excellent glove and poor beannie

What I like about your gloves is that they are very well made and that you are the only company (to my knowledge), to have a size XXL. I give 4 stars because of your beannie, which for my part is of poor quality, the wind is blowing through and seems to me to be Chinese made at $ 1.50

Thanks for the review Jean-Pierre, happy to hear you like the gloves :) If you're for any reason not satisfied with our product, drop us a line at support@photographygloves.com and we'll come up with a solution :)
Very good service

I am very satisfied with the very quick delivery of the gloves.

Fit great!

Can't wait to use them!!

Review of Vallerret Ipsoot Photography Gloves

I ordered a pair of Vallerret Ipsoot Photography Gloves in mid December 2019. When they arrived, my wife hid them away to wrap as a present for me for Christmas or my birthday, the following day. Your email requesting a review arrived on my birthday, before I had had an opportunity to wear them outdoors! This winter there has been exceptionally little cold weather in southern England, so I left it until now to develop my opinions on the gloves. I sense that yours is the type of organization that cares enough about what your customers think to take notice of a late review (and, frankly, given your prices, I doubt whether you will stay in business otherwise).

I got my son to measure my hands as you describe, which suggested I take size L. However, I’m over 6' tall (almost 1.88 m), I think my hands are a fairly normal length for my height, and so I didn’t believe that the fourth largest of a range of six unisex sizes would be big enough for me. I looked at other sizing charts which placed me nearer to EU 10 than EU 9, and ordered size XL. These are almost an ideal fit, although a couple of extra mm length in the thumbs would be ideal.

My current camera, a Nikon D800, has a couple of buttons between the lens mount and the handgrip (the default options are to restore the virtual horizon, and show depth-of-field preview), positioned to be operated by the middle and ring fingers. I believe many other cameras have buttons in a similar position. So it would be helpful if finger caps were provided for these fingers as well.

I haven’t yet found a use for the pockets on the back of the hands, although I haven’t found their presence to be a nuisance.

I suffer from Raynaud's syndrome, meaning that my hands get cold very easily. I find that the Ipsoot gloves work well when the weather is cool. But when it turns cold (by lowland British standards, ~5°C, not the -5°C or 5°F that might be considered the onset of cold in eastern Europe), the gloves aren’t warm enough for me. So I would like similar gloves with much more insulation.

Your website refers to wearing liner gloves inside them. However:
a) The Ipsoot gloves are a fairly snug fit. I suspect that wearing liner gloves inside would compress my fingers somewhat, restricting what little blood circulation there is my hands in the cold, and thus stopping them from feeling any warmer.
b) The only liner gloves you offer have material covering the fingertips, which in my opinion would largely defeat the point of buying gloves with finger caps that can be folded back.

These are the best gloves for winter photography I’ve found so far, but they fall well short of what I would like, because of insufficient insulation, and the inability to release my right middle and ring finger tips for relevant camera buttons.

The best gloves for a mountain photographer

The cold and the level are no problem for these gloves, with an excellent grip make these gloves the ideal travel companion for the mountain and cold weather photographer. The best choice without a doubt.

Stoked to hear that you love our gloves Alejandro! Happy winter shooting :D
So so so happy

So I bit the bullet and decided to ‘invest’ in a pair of black Markhof Pro 2’s. OMG, even with the weather warming here in Ireland, we still have cold, wet, windy, days and having worn these on a few days already I can’t wait for Summer to finish so I get to use them more. Great quality, snug gloves. Thanks Vallerret.

Ha, love the enthusiasm Damo! :D And love that you're loving the Markhof Pro 2.0 gloves! Happy winter (sooner or later!) shooting :)
Not pleased

Gloves did not fit well, even though I measured and used the company’s measurements for fit. They were way to big and bulky to use in Yellowstone with temperature of -19. Even with a wool liner my hands were cold. I wasted my money. I do not recommend these over mits or the wool liner. Don’t waste hard earned money.

hi Linda! thanks for taking the time to write a review. Alta Over Mitts are like a cushion for your main gloves (Markhof or Ipsoot for example) - they keep you warm while you're waiting for that perfect shot and don't need to use your hands :) If the sizing is not correct, just let us know and we can arrange for a size exchange :) cheers, Anna

I received them in time to try them in cold weather and they are good.

great looking gloves but magnet doesn't work well.

I ordered a wrong size and they corrected it immediately. They were sent to me before I could get to my PO and return the small size. I think the ones they sent me had been returned before as the tags were not on correctly and had fallen off. The thumb magnet for the right hand does not work as well as the magnet for the left thumb. But they are beautiful looking gloves.

Happy we got the sizing right John :) If you're not happy with the performance (magnets not working properly) please let me know and we'll get that sorted out for you :) cheers, Anna
Very Surprised

Great product. Lightweight, breathable and keep me warm on the sideline.

Buen servicio y producto

I have not received them yet


I’m a sports photographer and these gloves are a great addition to my gear bag. The reason I purchased these gloves was for the ability to have my thumb and finger out during shoots. The magnet held back the finger/thumb perfectly.

Glove size was nice and tight. I’ve only used them once but the build looks great and can’t wait to use them again. Highly Recommend these gloves.

Stoked to hear that you're happy with the gloves (and Neck Warmer :D)! Toasty warm hands and happy winter (sports) shooting!
I couldn't be happier with these gloves!

I wasn't sure whether or not I needed photography gloves but after using these, I wouldn't want to shoot in cold weather without them. They are really well made and are great looking too

Great gloves

I used the gloves in arctic climate and I liked them very much.

Perfect! Stoked to hear that Thomas. toasty warm hands and happy winter shooting :D
Stretch Pro liner

The seams of your stretch gloves are not good . They tear easely . Gloves are too expensive for what it is

Hi Andre! Sorry to hear about the tear! Please drop us a line at support@photographygloves.com and we'll find a solution here :)
Awesome After 24 Days

Love the gloves, nice materials and they feel snug.

Happy to hear you love the gloves Stefan! Happy winter shooting :D
Don’t buy them!

I ordered the gloves, I paid for them, but I NEVER received them!

Hi Tiziana! I see the gloves have been sent but never delivered - my apologies for the inconvenience! New pair of gloves are headed your way :) you can always reach us at support@photographygloves.com :) cheers, Anna
Two Different Sized Gloves

Orered a pair of women's gloves Medium; received two gloves correct model but one was Medium the other Small. However with Anna's help matter was resolved just in time for our trip to Lofoten.

Happy to help Donald! Hope you had an amazing trip :) Happy winter shooting!
After 21 days… Still waiting for my order!!!

Snail speed delivery from Traverse, Michigan, USA to Trois-Rivières, Québec, Canada. And believe me it’s not cheap $$$$$ also! Around 170,00$ in Canadian dollars for a pair of Vallerret Ipsoot gloves!!! Not a big deal at this time. Will see the product when I will receive someday…. Don’t forget in supplement you will have to pay Canadian taxes and Duties (36,97$) at your door! : (

Sizing Chart


  1. Measure around the widest part of your hand with a relaxed open palm.
  2. Measure from base of hand to the tip of the middle finger.
NB: We design our gloves to be snug for best camera feel possible. This sizing chart reflects snuggly fitted gloves.

Unisex Sizes XS S M L XL XXL
Hand Girth cm  18 - 20  20 - 21 21 - 22 22 - 23 23 - 25 25-28
inch  7.1 - 7.9   7.9 - 8.3  8.3 - 8.7 8.7 - 9.1 9.1 - 9.8 9.8-11.0
Hand Length cm  16.0 - 17.5  17.5 - 18.5 18.0 - 19.0 19.0 - 20.0 20.5 - 22.0 22-24.0
inch  6.3 - 6.9 6.9 - 7.2 7.1 - 7.5 7.5 - 7.9 8.1 - 8.7 8.7-9.4
 EU Size Equivalent  EU 7.5  EU 8 EU 8.5 EU 9 EU 10 EU 11
 Unisex Glove Models: Markhof Pro 2.0 | Skadi Zipper Mitt | Ipsoot | Alta Over-Mitt | Merino Liner Touch | Primaloft/Merino Liner | Urbex
Female Sizes XS S M L XL
Hand Girth cm 16.0 - 17.5 17.5 - 18.8 18.5 - 20.0 20.0 - 21.5 -
inch  6.3 - 6.9 6.9 - 7.4 7.2 - 7.9 7.9 - 8.5 -
Hand Length cm 15.5 - 16.5 16.3 - 17.2  17.0 - 18.5 19.0 - 20.0 -
inch  6.1 - 6.5 6.4 - 6.8 6.7 - 7.3 7.5 - 7.9 -
 EU Size Equivalent  EU 6  EU 7 EU 8 EU 9 -
Female Glove Models: W's Nordic
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