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Hatchet Photography Glove
Earl Richardson
The Hatchet takes a cut out of the cold

These gloves really keep my hands warm when I'm shooting in cold weather. These are without a doubt the best shooting gloves for cold weather that I've ever owned. I highly recommend them.

Hi Earle,
Great to hear that you love the Hatchet Gloves!
Hope you have some awesome photography adventures this winter :)
Natalya - Vallerret Customer Support

I like them

Ordered these gloves when they first became available and have finally had a chance to use them. We have had heavy snow, temperatures in the low 20's and winds of 20 to 50 mph. The gloves kept my hands warm while out photographing winter scenes. I like the material on the palms of the gloves because they are very grippy and offer a firm grip on both the camera and tripod. I use an electronic remote and like the fact that I only need to expose the very tip of my finger to use the remote and these gloves are perfect for that. Other similar gloves expose too much of the finger. I don't use the magnet because my finger is not exposed for very long. After being out for several hours I have no complaints about these gloves.

Hi John,
Sounds like you are really out in the elements! I'm glad you are enjoying your Vallerret Gloves.
Happy shooting :)
Natalya - Vallerret Customer Support

The best gloves ever

They are without a doubt the best gloves I've used to shoot in cold areas! I felt the machine perfectly when using it and changing the lenses! and warm hands at the end! The fingers that were out were of course freezing cold, but as soon as I covered them again, they quickly warmed up! Thanks to my friend Eduardo Galguinho for showing me these gloves and to Mário Cunha who was willing to explain and advise as a representative of the brand.

Hi Ivo,
I am stoked to hear that your Markhof Pro V3 are a great companion for you on your fun and freezing winter shoots! Thanks for your support, have a great winter :)
Natalya - Vallerret Customer Support

Mighty Arctic Mitt

Totally worked in -20F WCFactor, Boothbay Harbor, Maine, USA Saturday 1/15/22 photographing the wandering Steller’s Sea Eagle for 3.5hrs.

Hi Mitch,
Thanks for letting us keep your hands warm in those crazy sub-zero temps!
Have a great winter and thanks for your support.
Natalya - Vallerret Customer Support

Vallerret Stash Beanie
Olena Lazorenko

Vallerret Stash Beanie

Markhof Pro V3 Photography Glove


I was so looking forward to wearing my new gloves during our winter months and being able to operate camera without constantly taking them off. However both thumbs do not work at all with magnets, I feel i paid a premium price for the best gloves out there recommended by many professional users on YouTube After especially waiting so long for delivery they have been a great disappointment.

Hi Stuart,
Thanks for taking the time to write a review. Sorry to hear about the issue you described regarding to the magnets. Drop us an email at support@photographygloves.com and we can chat about how we can remedy this this issue :)

Markhof Pro V3 Photography Glove

Tinden Photography Glove

Tinden Photography Glove

Cold hand

I got fed up with taking gloves on and off when out with my camera, so asked for these gloves for Christmas. So happy with them! My hands stay warm and I can manipulate any settings without taking the whole glove off. Brilliant!

Stoked you love your Vallerret Gloves Julie! Happy Winter shooting with warm hands :)

Best Photo Gloves ever!

Best Photo Gloves ever!

Tinden Photography Glove
Shelyn Granger

We had -0° temperatures yesterday and normally I would go out without gloves because using my camera is nearly impossible with gloves….enter Vallerret! so perfect, was able to shoot freezing bubbles (on my Insta @photography_byshelyn ) the moon, and some other outdoor activities without freezing hands! I love them, and will recommend to all my up north photog friends 🥶💖 thank you!

Hi Shelyn,
Amazing photos! We are thrilled we can help keep your hands warm out there whilst snapping these beautiful shots.
Thanks for the support, have a great winter.

Gifted and liked!

My bro is a photographer who’s going to Iceland in March so I got him these. Small fit him fine and it likes nice as shown on website.

Tinden Photography Glove
Jerome Sartre

Tinden Photography Glove

So far so good!

Fit and feel great. Love the finger access and the grip. Just now getting cold so we will see!

Perfect midlayer

Warm and cozy as a midlayer!

Tinden Photography Glove
Satisfied Customer
Great Winter Photography Gloves

I have already used them under cold conditions.
Meets all my needs. I added hand warmers as well & I can fully recommend these gloves for convenient & warm winter photography.

Perfect for photography

Love the Hatchet and Markhof. Perfect for photography, extremely functional and durable. Also, they look great.

Great gloves

Great Gloves for photography or everyday use with you phone and commuting to work. For my style of photography and commuting to and form work they are fantastic and I use them often.
The looks of the gloves are good and stylish...in my opinion.

There are some negatives;

There are not made for playing in the snow. Because of the construction snow gets easily inside the glove. Thats ok, it goes with the construction. But if you grab wet handrails for example with stairs, water could come in. Its not really a negative but keep it in mind when you are planning to purchase it. .

The magnets don't always hold. They are not very strong magnets. But I dont know if thats a bad thing. To keep my finger warm during photography I like to place the part that you can flip over on the top of the finger to keep it warmer and not flip it over and connect the magnets. I tought the magnets feature would be awesome, thats why I bought them in the first place, but for photography I don't use often. But it doesn't bother me. I like to have it and not use it often then not having it.

The gloves are not that warm. There are ok but i was hoping for a bit more insulation.

But a nuisance, at least to me, is the texturized grip rubber looks. To me it looks like the glove is wet. When operating a camera I would like to keep everything as dry as possible... within reason. Multiple times I tought that my glove was wet when in fact it was just the rubber grip. In my opinion the design is of this feature could be better.

Some seams where not well finished when the gloves arrived. The seams where not loose but there where a lot of loose ends. I had ( I believe 4 seams) that i had to finish (with a lighter). Its not a big deal, again a nuisance, but, considering the price, I was hoping for a bit more attention for detail by the finishing department.

I have used the gloves for a couple of weeks and in my opinion I would recomment the gloves. I think there are a great edition to my photography kit and my daily commuting kit.

Great Gloves

I’ve had a chance to try them on top of a windy Mesa and I really like these gloves. They warm and the fingertips were easy to open and close while shooting. They appear to be well made and I like the look of the leather.

Milford Photography Glove
Mark Hackmeier
Does the job

Warm and fits well. Very happy with the purchase.

Hatchet Photography Glove
Terry Vanderheiden
Very soft, very warm.

These gloves are so comfortable and SOOO warm. Love them!

Just the right fit

As winter approaches I knew that I needed to retire my old cables glo mitts. I decided to go with Vallerret, I have read the reviews and these gloves we rated for the typical midwest winter temperature. I am pleased with these gloves, giving easy dial and button access to my camera buttons. They fit great, love the texture grip in the palm area. I've used them in the field for 10 days, one recommendation, if you are planning on being outdoors when temps are the teens, I would suggest pair with the Power stretch Pro liner with touch. They come in handy, when you need to use your cellphone touch function.


Excellent quality, as expected.
Only problem when sitting for long time without moving heads get gold.
Other than that all good.

Been mild winter so far...

But they work just fine.