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Not warm enough

Hi Gerard,
Sorry to hear these gloves didn't keep you warm enough. The Markhof Pro V3 gloves are designed for Mid Winter conditions, so they are most likely not the right glove for the elements in your environment.
You can drop us a line at support@photographygloves.com and we will be happy to help you further :)

Super comfy

Big fan of this jersey. Soft, comfortable and warm. It’s quite a long and slim silhouette which I like. Recommended!

Hi Jimmy,
Thanks for your feedback on our new apparel! Stay warm this winter :)


Love the gloves

Hi Scott,
Thanks for the feedback on the Tinden gloves.
Happy winter shooting :)

Perfect Gift

I bought these for my boyfriend, who is a nature photographer (@michaelboyesphotography :)), and he loves them. Nothing else seemed to work keeping his fingers warm enough on cold Michigan mornings, but these do the trick!

Hi Chloe,
So glad to hear the Tinden gloves are working for those chilly mornings!
Happy winter shooting :)


I’ve had the Markhoff V1, and now have the V3. These gloves are clearly designed with photography in mind and they are packed with features that will help us stay warmer for longer, maximising on our ability to be creative in colder climates. 5 stars, no doubt.

Hi David,
Thanks for the great feedback!
We definitely improved on our Markhof models over the years.
Stay warm and happy winter shooting :)

These cloths make it so easy to keep my lenses clean, a high quality set of microfiber cloths at a good price!

Hatchet Photography Glove
Dominik Wartbichler
One for cold days

Nice finishing, great fit and superb quality!
Definitely one for the cold days, like let’s say below -8*C.
I use them for skiing and night photography when temperatures drop even further than during winter days.

Absolute recommendation !!!

Hi Dominik,
Thanks for the great feedback! Enjoy your Hatchet gloves.
Happy winter shooting :)

Gloves for my Son In Law

Thank you the speed in getting these gloves sent out. I was getting them for a Christmas gift but decided to give them early. My Son In Law absolutely loves them

Hi Marion,
We're glad to hear your son-in-law loves the Markhof gloves!
Thank you for the feedback.

Power Stretch Pro Liner with touch

Vallerret Stash Beanie

Leader of the Pack

1st Class, well made, super comfortable….Warm too!

Hi Dave,
Thank you for your feedback! Great to hear you're enjoying your Hatchet gloves! Happy winter shooting :)

Milford Photography Glove
James Matteson
Adaptable with a good fit.

From the outer shell that fits over the base glove to the convertible finger and thumb tips, this is the pair of gloves for me. They fit my hands very well and help keep my hands warm and dry. This is a fantastic pair of gloves.

Hi James,
Thanks for your feedback! Enjoy your gloves this winter season! Stay warm :)

Urbex Photography Glove

Glove Storage Bag
David Hart
Bag optional

The only reason I bought the bag was because it came with the gloves with no option to decline it. I don’t really need a device to store my gloves. When I’m ready to use them I don’t really want to wrestle them from the bag. I’ll find a use for it, though.

Hi David,
There is an option to remove the Glove Storage Bag from your cart before you checkout, just by clicking the X. Apologies for the inconvenience. Hopefully it can be useful :)

Markhof Pro 2.0 Photography Glove

Markhof Pro V3 Photography Glove

Glove Storage Bag
Julie Hales

Bag is fine- although I was trying to select to avoid having it shipped. I have no need for it. Thanks.

Glove Storage Bag
Craig Howe

Glove Storage Bag

Skadi Zipper Mitt PSP
Christopher Bull
Good gloves

Only worn them too test, on delivery. Zip too short, pre-stud doesn’t hold the outer shell in place. Difficult to place suspension strap around wrist. I am aware of the newest version, is to be released next year. If I’d have known this, I would not have bought these. I would return them if possible, inner glove not warm enough.
Regards ChrisB

Hi Christopher,
Thanks for your honest feedback.
I've sent you an email regarding our return policy :)

Hatchet glove

I love these gloves. They stood up well in Northern Manitoba in November and kept my hands warm. It was a little hard to get my thumbs out, but think they will loosen up with use.

Hi Linda,
Thanks for your feedback! The gloves are designed for a snug fit, but they will give and stretch a little as you wear them, just like new shoes.
Happy winter shooting :)

Glove Storage Bag
Linda Graft

Glove Storage Bag

Nice gloves

Comfortable and will be handy to use. So far, haven’t been able to use them in cold weather. They look like they’ll be d

Hi David,
Thank you for your feedback. Hoping winter will be here soon enough so you can enjoy your gloves :)

Great glove

It’s been warm so the glove hasn’t really been tested, but feels much warmer that the Markhof glove.

Hi Bruce,
Thanks for the feedback!
We are all hoping winter will finally be here :)

Markhof Pro 2.0 Photography Glove

Vallerret Stash Beanie
Carlo Mascellani
Warm and comfortable

Perfect to keep your head warm. Indispensable when shooting at dusk or dawn during autumn and winter seasons.

Hi Carlo,
Thanks for the feedback!
Stay warm during your photography adventures!