Skadi Zipper Mitt PSP

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  • Denne allsidige 2-i-1-hanske gir deg alle varmefordelene fra votter sammen med full fleksibilitet til å betjene kameraet ditt. Hvad enten du trenger en enkelt finger eller fire, da er det bare å tilpasse glidelås åpningen etter behov.

    Lukas Riedl sin Signatur-hanske er designet med både videografer og fotografer i tankene, og lar deg tilpasse hansken din til forholdene på et øyeblikk.

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Iceland Aurora chase

I’ve just returned from Iceland and tested these mittens with inner lining. I thought they were a perfect design, yet they were totally ineffective in the conditions we had on south coast Iceland. (-2C plus windchill made it feel like -18C.) The zip was too difficult to unzip when both hands were in mittens. Tried my teeth, but this didn’t work so had to take a mitten off. The liner then offered no warmth whatsoever once exposed. I still love the design and maybe for skiing, or Australian astro conditions they will still be useful. However, in Iceland I resorted to fingerless possum wool gloves over woollen mittens with hand warmers and this worked well. Got a lot of fluff in my mouth pulling off mittens! 😆

Hi Katrina,
Sorry to hear the Skadi Zipper Mitt was not warm enough.
We would recommend our Hatchet or Tinden gloves for colder temperatures. These are our bulkiest and warmest five-fingered gloves, and they are built for cold, snowy conditions.

Love it!

Just Love it! Perfect glowes for photography.

Thank you for your review! We're so glad you love the Skadi Zipper Mitt PSP!

Willi Schieke

very good

David S
Excellent combination - sad they've been discontinued

These really do keep hands warm - but then they are mittens with liner gloves. Just wish the touch feature on the liner gloves worked every time

Hi David,
Thanks for your feedback!
We hope to have a new and improved version of the Skadi Mitts available later this year :)

Taking Pictures with Skadi Zipper Mit PSP at -/-5 °C

For me the PSP gloves are thin enough for using all the buttons on my OM-1 camera. My left hand stays in the mitten all the time.
The right mitten covers my hand but for quick access I don’t close the zipper. Still warm enough. I don’t use the fixation-button when I take away the mitten,. If I use the button it becomes to bulky for me in handling the camera. I just remove enough of the mitten to be able to take pictures. This is also less time consuming. After taking a picture I immediatly cover my right with the mitten without closing the zipper.
Good product!

Hi Sjaak,
Thanks for your feedback of the Skadi Zipper Mitt.
They are very versatile and we're glad to hear they are coming in handy for your photography.
Happy winter shooting :)